Wine and health: a matter of moderation?

Celestino Santos-Buelga from Universidad of Salamanca (Spain) will join the First Science & Wine World Congress and present his study and give presentation entitled “Wine and health: a matter of moderation?

Summary of presentation:

“It is beyond doubt that alcohol is harmful, and that its irresponsible and excessive consumption has severe consequences for health and serious social implications. On the other hand, evidences accumulated in recent decades suggest that light to moderate alcohol consumption, mostly in the form of red wine, may be related with beneficial effects for health, especially with lower incidence of coronary heart disease. This has received the attention of the media, which have contributed to spread a message, sometimes confusing, contradictory or spurious, about putative health benefits of drinking. In the presentation, an outline on the available knowledge on wine and health relationships will be made, paying particular attention to the role of wine polyphenols and the patterns of alcohol consumption on the putative beneficial effects.”

First Science & Wine World Congress
May 8-10, 2019 – Porto, Portugal