Venue 14 and 15 June 2023

The Associação das Empresas de Vinho do Porto will host the poster exhibition and lectures of the 3rd World Science & Wine Congress on the 14 and 15 of June 2023. Six years after, we decided to return to the place where everything started and where we were very well welcomed.


Rua Dr. António Granjo, 207, 4400-124 Vila Nova de Gaia – Portugal


Venue 16 June 2023

This Congress will have a Launch Congress instead a Dinner one. The reason is simple we want to show you one of the best examples of sustainability. Ventozelo Hotel & Quinta pursue environmentally sustainable objectives through respecting pre-existing buildings, recovered or rebuilt with traditional and recyclable materials from the region.

In their gastronomic offer, Ventozelo deeply value local products, with their day-to-day menus being dictated by the products provided by nature. Products grown in the farm’s organic gardens are especially prioritised. In addition to practicing organic production, Ventozelo promote biodiversity in their gardens through the planting and sowing of flowering species to serve as food and shelter for insects that help fight horticultural pests, as well as food for bees, whose beehives are installed close to the vegetable gardens.

The vineyards, situated between valleys and terraces in a very particular terroir, assume skewed contours that not only favor the landscape but are also a golden attribute in shaping the character of the wines.

Ventozelo Hotel & Quinta is the place where time stops, magic happens, and stars fill the sky. Not just a hotel, but above all a farm, where exceptional hospitality is extended to all those who arrive. The welcoming aura invites you to stay a little longer and enjoy the astonishing beauty of the landscape and architecture.

Ventozelo Hotel & Quinta Webpage

Quinta de Ventozelo
Ervedosa do Douro
5130-135 S. João da Pesqueira

T. +351 254 732 167

41º 18.954´ N
8º 38.940´ W
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