Maria Palma Mateus is graduated in Nutritional Sciences, with a PhD in Food Consumption and Nutritional Sciences and a Master in Clinical Nutrition both by the Faculty of Nutritional Sciences and Food, University of Porto. Full Professor at the School of Health, University of the Algarve (ESSUAlg) and researcher in several funded projects in the areas of the Mediterranean Diet, obesity and active aging, being responsible for the University of Algarve, for the project 0290_MEDITA_5_P – Mediterranean Diet Promotes Health, funded by FEDER through the POCTEP Operational Program. And  is part of the research team of the project 0348_CIE_6_E – “International Center on Aging”, funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the POCTEP Operational Program. Member of the Mediterranean Diet Working Group of the University of Algarve since March 2014.