Effect of grape /wine polyphenols in the colorectal cancer, an aged-associated pathology

It is great pleasure to welcome Prof. Norbert Latruffe from University of Burgundy, France, who will present a talk concerning “Effect of grape /wine polyphenols in the colorectal cancer, an aged-associated pathology“.

Based on Prof. Latruffe’ statement:

“Since 2004, in European countries, cancer the first cause of mortality, ahead the cardiovascular pathologies. The colorectal cancer is the second most frequent cancer.

Epidemiological, clinical, preclinical and experimental studies demonstrate that the beneficial effect of diet especially mediterranéen diet towards digestive cancers. Fibers, polyphenols, omega-3 fatty acids would be the most protective components.

Moderate wine consumption is considered to be good for health, particularly against atherosclerosis but also possibly against cancer. It is common to attribute beneficial effects to polyphenols notably resveratrol which is well known for its protective action due to – its pro-apoptotic effect on transformed cells; – its pro-differentiating mechanism – and its ability to modulate pro-oncogenic or tumor-suppressor miRNAs.

The objective of our talk focused on the possible effect of wine polyphenols compared to the biological action of resveratrol. For this purpose, we evaluated the efficacy of red wine extract (RWE) and of resveratrol on colorectal established cancer cells and on intestine precancerous state.”

First Science & Wine World Congress
May 8-10, 2019 – Porto, Portugal