Norbert Latruffe, born in Besançon, France, PhD 1977, and appointed in 1989 is currently research Professor in Biochemistry at the University of Burgundy, where he installed and headed the Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Biology until 2006. Then he was in charge of the team of Biochemistry of Metabolism and Nutrition in the INSERM reserarch center, UMR 866 of Dijon until 2011. He undergraduated at the University of Besançon, graduated at the University of Lyon I. Then he become interested on the following research topics : – energetic metabolism of lipids (UA CNRS 531, Besançon) ; – phospholipid-dependent membrane enzymes (Post-doc at Vanderbilt University, Nashville TN, USA 1978-1979) ; – collaboration as visitor in different foreign universities (Stockholm, Bern, Himeji…) ; – and on the toxicology of peroxisome proliferators when he arrived in Dijon in 1989. Starting 1998, he lunched a new challenge on the preventing role of resveratrol, a well known phytophenol from grape and wine, against age-related pathologies : cancer, inflammation and cardiovascular. With his collaborators, he was one of the first to explore resveratrol metabolism (2004 BBRC), its pro-apoptotic properties (2004 J Biol Chem), and discovered a new resveratrol signaling pathway through micro RNA’s modulation (2010 Carcinogenesis). To date, N. Latruffe is the author of near 170 international papers and more than 120 lectures. N. Latruffe is currently (or past) expert member of several national evaluation councils (CNRS, AFSSA, AERES, CNU…) and at international level (UE). He awarded several distinctions (Prize at the 16th Oncology and Molecular Medicine at Rhodes, laureat of the APICIL foundation, Palmes academic award and s.o.).
Scientific production: H-index of 32. Citations 4393
Author of 400 international contributions including 180 peer review papers, 6 books, 34 book chapters, 160 congresses communications, 2 scientific films, 110 lectures or seminars at invitation and mentor of 25 PhD training.
Publications of papers in the main recognized international journals of biochemistry; e.g. Arch Biochem Biophys, Biochemistry-USA, Biochem Biophys Res Commun, Biochem J, Biochem Pharmacol, Biochimie, Biochim Biochim Acta, Cancer lett, Cell Biochem Biophys, Eur J Biochem, Eur J Cell Biol, FEBS lett, Food Funct, Exp Cell Res, Hepatology, Int J Cancer, J Biol Chem, Lancet, Nucl Ac Res, Nutrients, Molecules, Mol Nut Food Res, Oncogene, and s.o.