In the morning will occur a Plenary Session during which world-renowned scientists deliver reports on their research in Mediterranean Diet effects on human health, underlining the effects of a moderate and regular wine drinking in light of the interactions between wine and important dietary factors such as olive oil, fish, fruit and vegetables. In addition to health and nutrition effects, sociocultural wine value and local economic returns will be also addressed. Already confirmed are the following speakers: from Portugal Prof. Eliana Alves (University of Aveiro); from Italy Prof. Giovanni de Gaetano (Istituto Neurologico Mediterraneo Neuromed Pozzilli) and Prof. Francesco Visioli (University of Padua); and from Spain Prof. Lluis Serra-Majem (University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria), Prof. Ramon Estruch (Barcelona University) and Prof. Celestino Santos-Buelga (Universidad of Salamanca). Chef Hélio Loureiro will close the Plenary Session to give his testimonial about the influence of Mediterranean diet in a chef life.

08H30 Registration Starts

09H30 Opening Ceremony

10H00 Sessions Part I

11H00 Coffee Break

11H30 Session Part II

12H30 Lunch