Ursula G. Fradera

Project Manager, Deutsche Weinakademie GmbH, Germany
Wine in Moderation (WiM) Association Vice President
Wine Information Council (WIC) Scientific Coordinator

Wine in Moderation (WIM) is the initiative created by the European wine sector to inspire moderation when drinking wine, as well as respect for wine as a product of culture among people who choose to drink, thereby contributing to a healthy lifestyle and the reduction of alcohol related harm. WIM builds on scientific evidence, education and responsible commercial communication to empower wine professionals with the information and tools with which they may responsibly present wine, raising awareness and knowledge about responsible drinking patterns and moderate wine consumption.
Moderate and responsible wine consumption can be part of a healthy lifestyle and a Mediterranean diet, however, recent media reports have questioned the health benefits of moderate wine intake and have contributed to a considerable uncertainty not only among wine professionals but also the general public. Thus, it is very important to analyze the scientific publications that result in controversial headlines and put them in context/perspective. An objective and evidence-based scientific information in the education of wine professionals, and in the communication to wine drinkers, is the key for Wine in Moderation. Only in this way can consumers make informed decisions about choosing whether or not to drink, sharing wine with friends during a meal and caring about their safety and that of others.