If you cannot come to Portugal, we will take Portugal to you.

The goal is to organize a virtual coffee break where all participants have a box with same foods to eat and drink during the break.

Almonds – Frutorra

Almonds are produced worldwide in hot-arid Mediterranean climate regions. Almonds have long been known as a source of essential nutrients; nowadays, they are in demand as a healthy food with increasing popularity for the general population and producers. Consumption of almonds has been associated with various health benefits, including the modulation of serum lipid and glucose levels, the regulation of body weight, and protection from several diseases, such as diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases.http://frutorra.pt/wp/

Sardine Pâté – José

Sardine is a Mediterranean Sea species, and its consumption is an integral part of people’s diet, such as the Mediterranean. Among the oily fish, sardines are the richest in lipids. Specifically, it is the oily fish with the most PUFA content. Moreover, as one of the oily fishes richest in omega-3 FA and due to its whole nutritional composition, sardines are believed to have many potential beneficial effects on health. As already mentioned, its high omega-3 FA content contributes to reducing cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes risk. https://www.josegourmet.com/produtos/

Mystic Herbal Infusion – Infusões com História

Herbal beverages have been documented to be consumed by man since the times of the ancient Egyptians and Chinese. These beverages contain various herbs, spices, and fruits which are purported to have health-boosting effect. The plants used in the formulation of herbal teas and beverages are medicinal plants that have been used for centuries and have been shown to have health benefits like detoxification and relief from sunstroke, amongst others. Herbal infusion with intense sensorial characteristics linked to tradition and cultural heritage
Mystic Herbal Infusion is a hot or cool herbal tea, where intensely fragrant, fresh citric and minty aromas stand out, evoking the traditional rural landscape.

Coffee – Segafredo

Coffee beans are obtained from the tart red fruit of the evergreen coffee tree. They are used primarily in the food industry but also in cosmetology and medicine. Nowadays, coffee is one of the most highly popular and widely consumed pharmacologically active universal beverages, and its drinking has become a regular part of daily life. It is estimated that in 2019/2020 world coffee consumption amounted to about 10.1 million kg. Most of all coffee is used due to its psycho stimulating effect, taste, and aroma as well as health-promoting properties. The health effects of coffee consumption have been investigated in numerous research. The outcomes from many of these studies showed the positive impact of coffee intake on various aspects of health, e.g., coffee possesses anti-oxidant (especially the medium-roasted coffee) and anti-inflammatory properties and limits the overall risk of stroke and coronary heart disease, cancer, mortality associated with cardiovascular disease, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative disorders, depression and suicide, liver damage particularly in patients at high risk for liver disease, such as cirrhosis, hepatocellular carcinoma and hepatic injury, and developing type 2 diabetes.https://segafredo.pt/

Port Wine – Quinta da Boeira

Port wine is an internationally acclaimed fortified wine produced in Douro Demarcated Region (DDR) in Portugal, and recognized with protected designation of origin. Tawny style Ports are the result of a blend of separate lots of wine that were aged in wood casks or vats for different, yet long, amounts of time. This aging implicates loss of colour, rendering a tawny or amber colour to wine. ‘Tawny Reserve’ results from a blend of wines aged in wood for at least 6 years. Formally, all Reserve wines (be they Tawny or Ruby, red or white) must be of very good quality, having as origin a blend of variable aged wines that show complexity in both flavour and aroma. A low-moderate wine intake may reduce cognitive impairment,cardiovascular diseases and may also decrease certain types of cancer and/or diabetes. https://www.quintadaboeira.pt/

Milk Derivated Products – Mimosa

Dairy milk and milk-derived products have been consumed by humans for thousands of years as a dietary staple of many civilizations. Milk is regarded as one of the most nutritious foods in the food supply, consistent with it containing carbohydrates (mainly as lactose), proteins, lipids, and essential micronutrients. In Western populations, milk consumption is greatest during early childhood, but intakes decline into adulthood, which may be explained by age-related increases in the onset of lactose intolerance. Advances in milk processing (e.g., pasteurization, homogenization) reduce foodborne illnesses and extend shelf life. Furthermore, improved separation of milk components has facilitated the formulation of novel milk-based beverages and milk-derived products. Milk consumption has been touted for its role in human nutrition, especially for benefits on skeletal and cardiometabolic health. Mimosa

Olive Oil Biscuits – Vieira

Biscuits are considered to be among the most commonly consumed products for breakfast and snacks. The addition of olive oil and olives improves nutritional value, quality, and / or the shelf-life of biscuits. The use of olive oil or olive oil byproducts to obtain functional food products can represent one effective strategy to promote the sustainability of the olive oil chain. https://vieiradecastro.pt/

Port Wine – Quevedo

Tawny style Ports are the result of a blend of separate lots of wine that were aged in wood casks or vats for different, yet long, amounts of time. This aging implicates loss of colour, rendering a tawny or amber colour to wine. Tawnies with ‘Indication of Age’ (e.g. 10, 20, 30, or over 40-year-old) are legally required to be of high quality, and have as provenance wines with varying ages that have staged in wood; moreover, wines with 10 or 20 years may be designated as ‘Old’, or ‘Very Old’ if 30, 40 or over 40 years-old.Wine is one of the most consumed beverages around the world. Wine polyphenols have been shown to be highly related to both (i) wine quality (color, flavor, and taste) and (ii) health-promoting properties (antioxidant and cardioprotective among others).https://quevedoportwine.com/pt/