A UNESCO Chair is constituted of an international partners’ network (higher education and research establishments, private and public institutions) offering a common project around a topic able to support the priority programs of the UNESCO, such as the dissemination of education and research, culture, equal opportunity, environment and long lasting development, also peace and governmental leadership as well as the preservation of homeland heritage.
A strong anchorage on terroirs and culture.
The vines and the wine were previously not represented in these UNESCO programs. It is particularly important that this CHAIR -Culture and Traditions of Wine- uni que in the world, is established in Burgundy, land where the diversity of the “terroirs” and the richness of the patrimonial heritage are uni­versally recognized. Some of the targeted objectives:

  • To investigate the part of cultural inheritance in the geography, the cultural and oenological practices, the organization, the development and the production of the old-world vineyards.
  • To analyse the development motivations of the new world vineyards and also those of the emerging “extreme limit” world vineyards in regions where a priori the natural environment does not appeal to wine culture.
  • To understand the evolution of the consumption of wine in the world.
  • To decipher the mutations in the cultural behaviours and the production techniques in view of the global economic stakes and the new climatic deal situation.
  • To propose ways for a viticulture and a wine culture integrated in a (long-lasting) development of the planet.

Such a Chair would allow the public to better apprehend the wine as cultural product, vector of civilization, whose enlightened consumption is reminiscent of a real “Art de Vivre” connected to conviviality, sharing and human values if ever.

An opening towards the world in the spirit of a long-lasting development.

The CHAIR is backed up by international partners of the academic world, the professional world of viticulture and wine, the cultural and institutional world.

The international network encloses several dozens of countries, of old or new vineyards from all continents.

The partners offer the structuring of shared Diplomas either in attendance or in e-learning mode, both as initial or continuing education.

They develop multidisciplinary and comparative research on vine, wine and their culture.

The partners encourage PhD thesis in partnership development, the mobility of students and research lecturers, stimulate the North South exchange (between the Northern and Southern hemispheres).

They organize and sponsor international conferences, publica­tions and seminars around the CHAIR federating topics.

They offer transfer and expertise activities.

They secure the cultural heritage values towards the professional world and the widespread audience by means of conferences, cultural manifestations, large diffusion publishing’s especially on the site of the UNESCO CHAIR «Culture and Traditions of Wine».

See more at https://chaireunesco-vinetculture.u-bourgogne.fr/