Anti-Alcohol- campaigns versus beneficial health effects of wine

Monika Christmann

Currently we can see on a global scale that more and more anti-alcohol- campaigns are launched by various groups. Very often in a much generalized way there is no difference made between wine-, beer- and brandy consumption. “Already one glass of wine has a negative impact on human health” has been published in many magazines around the world. This of course shocked many consumers. But… Is that really true?
Since centuries Wine has been part of the “normal diet” in many countries around the world. Does that mean there is a problem which has been neglected by us and our forefathers?
Many epidemiological and Meta-analysis studies show that a moderate consumption of wine can actually contribute to a better health for adults. This scientific evidence has been published in many peer reviewed international journals
Currently the OIV is in the middle of this controversial discussion about beneficial health effects of wine and anti-alcohol-campaigns. But what can the OIV do about this?
As an international and intergovernmental organization the OIV is working in this field by collecting all the appropriate data and discussing these in the relevant expert groups (Commission IV).The results are very important for the discussions with other international organization i.e. WHO. They also support the work of other expert groups within the OIV which might lead to resolutions in the field of vitivini.