Régis D. Gougeon
Institut Universitaire de la Vigne et du Vin – Jules Guyot
Université de Bourgogne
Rue Claude Ladrey BP 27877
21078 Dijon Cedex

Régis D. Gougeon is Professor of Chemistry & Enology at the Institut Universitaire de la Vigne et du Vin https://iuvv.u-bourgogne.fr/, in the Physical Chemistry for Food and Wine team (Deputy director) at Université de Bourgogne in Dijon, https://www.umr-pam.fr/en/. He is also scientific head of the Burgundy Vine and Wine cluster (BVV), which coordinates interdisciplinary research on Vine and Wine at Université de Bourgogne https://www.bourgogne-vigne-vin.fr/. With his group, he is particularly interested in the chemistry of wine stability and aging, including research on barrier properties of closures, and in the development and applications of targeted and non-targeted analytical tools to understand the mechanisms at the origin of the long-lasting oxidative stability of great wines. In close collaboration with the Analytical BioGeoChemistry research unit of Prof. Dr. Philippe Schmitt-Kopplin at Helmholtz Center and Technical University Munich, he has introduced and developed the concept of oenolomics, based on the consideration of wine as whole complex biological system constantly evolving under environmental conditions, which requires integrated methodologies such as ultra-high resolution FTICR-MS for the development of non-targeted comprehensive analyses. R. Gougeon is author or co-author of +100 international peer-reviewed publications, and coordinator of the Wine Active Compounds (WAC) international conference series https://ubwac.com/.