The Importance of Science Communication to Clarify Wine Health Effects

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To answer to several requests, the organization committee decide to include in the program a workshop day to be held at June 5. The workshop is titled “The importance of science communication to clarify wine health effects”.

A research-practice gap exists across all fields of public health and medical practice, including the ones regarding nutritional practices. The main goal of this workshop is to design a communication strategy to increase literacy and education regarding wine consumption. It will be discussed how to promote effective science communication as well as strategies to improve the relationship between science, public policy, and decision-makers. Wine health effects issues lie at the boundary between science and society. Therefore, effective solutions require communication among scientific, policymaking, and public communities.

This workshop will take place at Quinta do Crasto (Gouvinhas, Sabrosa, Portugal). Workshop price include all documentation, transportation from and to Porto, lunch and a Douro river experience.

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