Pairing wine tourism and Mediterranean diet

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Wine Science Cafés started in January of 2019 with the aim of sharing scientific data in vine and wine research areas. Wine Science Cafés are events where, for the price of a glass of wine, anyone can meet to discuss the latest ideas of science that are impacting wine sector. They were planned to be an opportunity for both scientists and the community to understand each other’s perspective in a nonformal setting and provides an opportunity to increase science literacy.

In September 27 Wine Science Café will be at Quinta da Aveleda and will be dedicated to Wine Tourism being one of the invited speakers Professor José Cadima Ribeiro from University of Minho. Since wine and food are a combination with almost universal appeal, gastronomy will be for sure one of the topics. Events like this are great opportunities to promote Mediterranean Diet (MD). Several strategies can be used to do it that include advertisement messages referring to the benefits of the MD; widespread information and documentation on MD; menus including traditional MD dishes; nutritional assessment of individual tourists; intervention into the nutritional habits and preferences of the tourist’s groups, individual diets, cooking lessons, and health and exercise behaviors interventions. With this approach are expected important health benefits to tourists, since new life styles can be learned, and the bodies can be revitalized through healthy dietary practices. On other hand, it will be also important to discuss how tourism pressure can affect inhabitants’ adherence to the Mediterranean diet pattern.

For all these reason you will not miss next Wine Science Café!

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